Advanced kids kicking butt!

We had a great kicking class with our Advanced students! These are students who are Blue Belt and above. 6 of our Brown Belts are training towards their 1st Degree Black Belt at the end of the year, keep up the hard work guys!!!

Oscar, Blue Belt, doing a fantastic Hook Kick!
Chiana, Brown Belt, throwing a nice high Axe Kick!
Regan, Brown Belt, moving the paddle with his awesome Roundhouse Kick!
Mitch, Blue Belt, smashing the paddle with his Axe Kick!
Another great Roundhouse Kick, this time from Finlay, Blue Belt.
Lots of power in the Axe Kick by Ben, 1st Degree Black Belt!
Great technique shown in the Roundhouse Kick by Jack, Brown Belt.
Aaron, Brown Belt, showing off his flexibility!
A fantastic Roundhouse Kick done by James, Brown Belt.
An awesome Roundhouse Kick done by Kaden, Brown Belt.