MMA Grading

Its not often we run two grading so close to each other, but just recently we had to do exactly that.

Congratulations to Jack & Brad for both obtaining their green belt. Keep up the training guys, see you on the mats.Start writing or type / to choose a block

Adult training sessions

So it’s been a while since we’ve remembered to take any pictures of the adult training sessions. Unfortunately we forgot yet again to take some at kick-boxing, but at least we got a few of the MMA session. The sparring has come on a lot recently, a lot due to Oli’s hard work during the kick-boxing, so last night during MMA we had an hour’s open sparring. This post is just photos from last night. Great work everyone, really enjoyable class.

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Nice gesture for the Area 51 Academy

Many thanks go out tonight to a kind gentleman called Alan. I’m sorry I don’t have any more details, so I hope you get to see this!

Alan has donated some training equipment to the club that he no longer requires. We try to provided as much kit as possible for the students so they don’t have to buy their own, so this is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks from all the Instructors & Students here at Area 51.

New colour training gear now available

Short post today, but we don’t want anyone to miss out…

We’re having some new T-Shirts and Hoodies done in Grey. Please let Oli know what you want before the end of this week!

There will also be the MMA shirts & hoodies available for the first time on this order. They’ll have the Area 51 MMA logo on, instead of the Kick Boxing one.