Martial Arts

There are currently two styles of Martial Arts practiced at Area 51; Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Click on a logo below to find out more about each of our styles.

Kick Boxing is available for all ages (check out our Little Ninjas). We run several classes each week to cover all age groups and abilities. We also have Kick Boxing session for women only. See the club timetable for more details on when classes run throughout the week.

Mixed Martial Arts sessions are now available to all students aged 14 & over. Classes are on Mondays & Wednesdays at 8pm. Click the logo for more details on our MMA classes.

You are not limited to a single style at Area 51. Most of our adults normally train both styles on Monday & Wednesday Nights.

There are also Tricking & Weapons sessions available to all ages & abilities. For more details on weapons classes please use the contact form, email us at or message us on Facebook.