Kick Boxing is great place to start for anyone looking to give Martial Arts a try. You only need to bring some suitable clothes (T-shirt, shorts, etc) and a drink. That’s it, you’re ready to go! Obviously further down the line you’ll need a licence, the correct clothing, some protective equipment, but everything is provided in the first place at Area 51 to get you going. We don’t expect you pay hundreds of pounds before you’ve even given it a chance! We also run classes for beginners, so don’t worry, you won’t be dropped into a class where you are completely out of your depth. (Our adult classes are all open grade, the higher grades help out with instruction during a class so it is beneficial to everyone.)

There is a grading system in place & students will learn from a structured syllabus allowing them to progress at their own speed. Class content is varied, so you will not always be working towards your next belt. We aim to run sessions to benefit that particular group of students, or look at something they my not have tried before. The instructors are always learning new methods of training/teaching themselves, allowing them to pass new knowledge onto even the most experienced students. You’ll often heard said at the club, obtaining your black belt isn’t the end of your path, it’s only the beginning.