Little Ninjas

Our Little Ninja class is for 4-7 year olds. It’s important to us that the Ninjas have fun while learning Martial Arts, while maintaining a high level of respect and self-discipline. Each class is structured to use drills and games which are themed around one of the following 8 skills:
• Focus
• Teamwork
• Balance
• Fitness
• Control
• Discipline
• Defence
• Memory

Each of the skills are linked to a colour, so Ninjas can earn all 8 stripes by working hard in class, giving them goals to work towards. Ninjas have 8 belts to achieve before moving up to the next class.

This program allows Ninjas to develop their core physical, mental and behavioural skills, so when they move up into the Beginners Kids Kickboxing class they have a strong foundation for us to build on.