Mixed Martial Arts

Just to be clear from the start, this is not a “Cage Fighting” club. Although you will learn and practice techniques that you’ve probably now seen watching MMA such as the UFC, we train as a disciplined martial arts club. Because of this you will benefit from all the traditional values of martial arts, such as learning self-defence, building confidence, improving fitness, but you will also get all the advantages of a more modern martial arts style.

Like most martial arts, we train to a syllabus. You will learn kicking, punching and other striking techniques from styles such as Karate and Kick Boxing, throws from styles such as Judo and Sombo, plus groundwork/submissions from styles such as Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Sparring is also performed in all these styles, separately at first, but slowly all three are mixed together as you advance.

Although we train as a martial arts club, as opposed to a fight club, there will be nothing stopping you from moving into full contact fighting if you decide you want to. Several of our students have indeed done this. We will always encourage your development as you see fit, not force you into something you do not want to do. The sparring side is always as controlled as you’d like it to be.

MMA classes are only open to students aged 14 and over. Younger students are encouraged to take part in our kickboxing, weapons or tricking classes. (Or all 3 of course!)

We have started to add MMA sessions to our timetable after joining forces with Progress Martial Arts. Most of our current adult students now take part in both Kickboxing & MMA sessions here at Area 51.